Honduras - United States of America BIT (1995) (EN - ES)




For the purposes of this Treaty,

(a) "company· means any entity constituted or organized under applicable law, whether or not for profit, and whether privately or governmentally owned or controlled, and includes a corporation, trust, partnership, sole proprietorship, branch, joint venture, association, or other organizationi

(b) "company of a Party" means a company constituted

or organized under the laws of that Party;

(cl "national" of a Party means a natural person who

is a national of that Party under its applicable law;

(d) "investment" of a national or company means every kind of investment owned or controlled directly or indirectly by that national or company, and includes investment consisting or taking the form of:

(i) a company;

(ii) shares, stock, and other forms of equity participation, and bonds, debentures, and other forms of debt interests, in a company; (iii) contractual rights, such as under turnkey, construction or management contracts, production or revenue-sharing contracts, concessions, or other simila contracts; (iv) tangible property, including real property; and intangible property, including rights, such as leases, mortgages, liens and pledges;

(v) intellectual property, including:

copyrights and related rights,


rights in plant varieties,

industrial designs,

rights in semiconductor layout designs,

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