Honduras - United States of America BIT (1995) (EN - ES)



trade secrets, including know-how and confidential business information,

trade and service marks, and

trade names; and

(vi) rights conferred pursuant to law, such as licenses and permits;

(e) "covered investment" means an investment of a national or company of a Party in the territory of the other Party;

(f) "state enterprise" means a company owned. or

controlled through ownership interests, by a Party;

(g) "investment authorization" means an authorization granted by the foreign investment authority of a Party to a covered investment or a national or company of the other Party; (h) "investment agreement" means a written agreement between the nationa: authorities of a Party and a covered investment or a national or company of the other Party that (i) grants rights with respect to natural resources or other assets controlled the national authorities and (ii) the investment, nationa or company relies upon in establishing or acquiring a covered investment. (i) "TCSID Convention" means the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States, done at Washington, March 18, 1965; (j) ,"Centre" means the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes Established by the reSID Convention; and (k) "UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules" means the arbitration rules of the united Nations Commission on International Trade Law.


1. With respect to the establishment, acquisition, expansion, management, conduct, operation and sale or other disposition of covered investments, each Party shall accord treatment no less favorable than that it accords, in like situations, to investments in its territory of its own nationals or companies (hereinafter "national treatment") or to investments in its territory of nationals or companies of a

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