Directory of Exporters 2021

Secretary of Economic Development

Honduras Directory of Exporters 2021


The 2021 Honduras Exporters Directory, which includes contact information for more than 550 exporters, is provided by the Secretary of Economic Development and the National Investment Council. This directory has been made available to individuals and companies interested in Honduran goods and services.

In this Catalog, you will also find general information of Honduras, main export products, destinations, and the countries Honduras has preferential access through the Free Trade Agreements.

The Directory is organized into the following 19 categories: Animal Feed; Vegetable Oils and Fats; Coffee; Seafood, Poultry and Meats; Basic Grains; Beverages and Processed Foods; Building Materials; Fruits and Vegetables; Pharmaceutical Industry; Dairy Products; Intermediate Manufacturing; Plastics, Paper and Cardboard; Wood Products; Plants and Seeds; Business Support Services; Chemical Industry; Cigars; Textile and Clothing; and Textile Screen Printing.

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