Honduras - United States of America BIT (1995) (EN - ES)




Neither Party shall mandate or enforce, as a condition for the estab:ishment, acquisition, expansion, management, conduct or operation of a covered investment, any requirement (including any commitment or undertaking in connection with the receipt of a governmental permission or authorization): (a) to achieve a particular level or percentage of local content, or to purchase, use or otherwise give a preference to products or services of domestic origin or from any domestic source;

to limit imports by the investment of prJducts or relation to a particular volume or value of exports or foreign exchange earnings;

services production,

(c) to export a particular type, level or percentage of products or services, either generally or to a specific market region; (d) to limit sales by thE investment of products or services in the Party's territory in relation to a particular volume or value of production. exports or foreign exchange earnings; (e) to transfer technolo~y. a production process or other proprietary knowledge to a national or company in the Party's territory, except pursuant to an order, oommitment or undertaking that is enforced by a court, administrative tribunal or competition authority to remedy an alleged or adjudicated violation of competition laws; or (fl to carry out a particular type, level or percentage of research and development in the Party's territory. Such requirements do not include conditions for the receipt or continued receipt of an advantage.


1. (a) Subject to its laws relating to the entry and sojourn 0:: aliens, each Party shall permit to enter and tc remain in its territory nationals of the other Party for the purpose of establishing, developing, administering or advising on the operation of an investment to which they, or a company of the other Party that employs them. have committed or are in the process of committing a substantial amount of capital or other resources.

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